9 things you didn't know about Love, Actually

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Love Actually

Because let's be honest, we're all watching it at some point this festive season.

Ever since 2003 we've looked forward watching Love, Actually at Christmas time. And while you may have thought that in the last 15 years you had found out all that there was to know about the flick, you're probably wrong.

ICYMI, in 2015, we were treated to some amazing tweets by screenwriter Emma Freud, who also happens to be the wife of the film's director, Richard Curtis. Here's a reminder of everything we learned during that tweet-fest.

1. The Housekeeper at Downing Street was Freud's mum

2. The second lobster was her daughter

3. The Spider-man wise man was also her son!

4. Rowan Atkinson was meant to be an angel

Rowan Atkinson

5. Martin Freeman wasn't fully naked during that body double scene

Martin Freeman

6. January Jones actually wrote most of her lines!

7. The reason Colin Firth's character was named Jamie is hilarious


8. Emma choreographed the kiss between Jamie and Aurelia


9. And this is what happened to Harry (Alan Rickman) and Karen (Emma Thompson)...

BRB going to go and watch this movie again a thousand times!

Written By Marni Dixit