9 Burning Questions Raised By The Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

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Stranger Things Season 3 is coming out on Netflix July 4 and we are SO. DANG. EXCITED!!!!!

Like, the first proper trailer dropped late last night and we’ve legit watched it 20 times already. 

The first time was for pure entertainment/excitement value. Every replay after that was to try and unravel clues about this season’s storyline.

We ended up with more questions than answers but whatevs. 

Here they are: 

1. What is with all the rats? 

So the easiest answer to this question is that the Mind Flayer/Shadow Monster is spreading disease (or something more sinister) via a gigantic rat army, as seen in one of the teasers:

We know Episode Three is called ‘The Mall Rats’ and Episode Seven is called ‘The Bite’, so there’s definitely a strong theme going here. A bitey theme.

2. Is Billy going to get killed off? 

Even though Billy was a ginormous jerk last season, we’re really hoping he doesn’t die (even if it’s just because he’s the only real eye-candy for audiences over the age of 16). 

While we were busy appreciating Dacre Montgomery shirtless in the shower it was impossible not to notice the GIANT FREAKIN’ WOUND on his arm. 

Given that he’s taken a job as a lifeguard at the local pool, that gross thing could be any number of parasites/fungi/disgusting public pool disease.

But there’s definitely a strong case for it being as a result of infection-carrying rats (see question 1). 

3. Are Chief Hopper and Joyce dating yet? 

We know two things about the chief thanks to this trailer. 

1. He’s still a smoker. Boo, Hooper. 

2. He’s wearing his date shirt and is sitting in a fancy restaurant. Ergo, he has a date with an unidentified person. 

That person may or may not be Joyce, whose boyfriend was decimated by extra-dimensional hounds. We hope the two of them can finally find happiness together.

4. Are Eleven and Max besties? 

We totally sympathised with Eleven’s jealousy over Max elbowing her way into the group at the end of last season, but if the S3 trailer is anything to go off, the two look like they’ve gotten over their differences and become best buds.

5. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger the new baddie? 

Like, not really. But in total seriousness, the anonymous gun-slinging guy in the neon carnival fun house is giving us mega Terminator vibes.

6. Actually, That’s Definitely Westley from The Princess Bride, right? 

Remember this guy?

And now look at this (much older) guy. See the similarity? 

We thought so too. 

The Princess Bride was a 1987 cult classic and it’s incredibly fitting that Cary Elwes has joined the Stranger Things cast as your stereotypical, self-absorbed ‘80s politician, Mayor Kline. 

7. WTF is the antenna for? 

Your fave pubescent monster fighters can be seen raising a giant antenna on top of a hill for lawd knows what reason.  

Is it for the AV club? To talk to aliens? Maybe they’re trying to channel Eleven’s powers to communicate with the other numbers (‘cause remember, at one point there was a Ten, Nine, Eight…) 

Or maybe Dustin is trying to communicate with some chick he met on summer camp, as the first episode is titled ‘Suzie, Do You Copy?’ We certainly hope so, that dude deserves love. 

8. What in the Upside Down is this thing? 

We’ve had a Demogorgon, Demo-dogs, the Mind Flayer, D'Artagnan and various other slimy, terrifying monster/alien hybrids. But nothing as muscular and demonic-looking as this beastie. 

It’s like a mutated Demogorgon on ‘roids and it is not pretty. 

We’re certainly glad it’s them, not us.

9. Will Eleven be called ‘Eleven’ or ‘Jane’ in this season? 

This wasn’t a question raised by the trailer. Just generally, we wanna know. We're invested. 

She’ll always be Eleven to us. 

Written By Brynn Davies