The 2019 Oscars will be hostless after Kevin Hart debacle

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Soooo what does this mean? 

After weeks of speculation over what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will do in regards to the 2019 Oscars hosting situation, we finally have a potential solution according to Variety - there will be no host at all!

Just to recap how we ended up in this little Oscar host hole: Kevin Hart was originally confirmed to host, only to step down literally two days later amid a storm of controversy after the internet dug up a series of old derogratory tweets aimed at the LGBTQI community.

Despite all the backlash, Kevin refused to apologise and even went on Ellen Degeneres' show in an attempt to rehab his image (which kinda worked since Ellen defended him for some reason and subsequently copped a heap of backlash of her own).

Since then, the Academy has had an almighty difficult time trying to find a replacement host because not only is it very short notice but Oscar host is the one Hollywood gig that almost everyone avoids.

So what does this mean for the 2019 Oscars if there is no host? Are all the statues and envelopes laid out on a big table onstage and all the actors just wander up and check if they've won?

Well Variety reports that the producers will choose a group of A-list celebs to introduce the various segments instead of having the one big-name celeb to deliver a long monologue (likely stuffed with Trump zingers).

It is reported that the show will focus in "starry skits" and "play up a high profile year for music in film", which we're interpreting as Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga performing "Shallow" at least three times at the event.

That being said, the publication reports that the producers are "scrambling" to recruit enough A-listers to pull off this host-less Oscars thing and it's causing some behind-the-scenes stress, unsurprisingly. 

Option B of the producers getting down on their knees and asking Kevin to change his mind about hosting is also off the table as the bloke recently went on Good Morning America and emphatically said "no thanks". 

The last time the Oscars had a host-less event was 1989 and that has since been panned as the "worst Oscars ever" so things aren't looking swell for 2019.

But hey, maybe it'll be different this time around and given that the 2019 Oscars are on February 24, we won't have to wait too long to see whether this host-less thing will work or fall flat on its face (again).

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