This surprise new entrant for The Bachelor in Paradise with blow your socks off

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Hint: They were on Sophie’s season!

So, if you were a fan of Sophie Monk’s Bachette season there’s a little someone who you may be sad about seeing the last of.

No, it’s not James.

It’s Pig the Dugong (remember from Stu and Sophie's date?). Well folks, this dude has just announced he's the joining the team on The Bachelor in Paradise (allegedly).

Still doesn't ring a bell? Here's Twitter's take:

The dugong, who evidently has opposable thumbs and decent internet connection, posted the announcement to - wait for it - Instagram saying:

“The secret is out! The best way to get over a broken heart, is to get back out there! @bachelorinparadiseau here I come! #TeamPig” the hilarious update was shared on Instagram this morning.

Pig, who was named after his eating habits, is one of two dugongs that resided at the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium since late 2008. Pig was rescued from North Queensland when was separated from his mother at a young age.

He’ll be (supposedly) joining Tara Pavlovic, Keira Maguire, Davey Lloyd, Michael Turnball, Apollo Jackson and Laurina Fleure on the island.


Lead Image: The Bachelorette / Channel 10


Khalid kills it on the dance floor in Nova’s Red Room:

Written By Ally Parker