REVEALED: The Bachelor’s mystery intruder is a very familiar face

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She’s definitely gonna bring the drama

It was meant to keep us guessing all week. The identity of the mystery woman entering The Bachelor mansion.

But eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot exactly who the intruder was.

It’s Matty J’s very opinionated sister Kate Clifton!

The stunning blonde made waves in The Bachelorette last year when she grilled Georgia Love on starting a family with her brother.

While Channel Ten promised the new arrival would send shockwaves through the mansion, fans were divided on the reveal.

In next week’s episode, she’ll take six of Matty’s ladies on a drama-filled date to a childcare centre and test their readiness to start a family with her bro.

We’re already counting down to Wednesday!

Image: Channel 10

Written By Cassie Crofts

"You have to be aware of the message you're sending..."

* Eye roll * 

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