Davina might be getting her own reality TV series

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Married At First Sight

Jesus take the wheel.

Hold on to your hats folks (and by 'hats' we mean 'Twitter-ready trigger fingers') 'cause there are rumours that MAFS star Davina Rankin is getting her own reality TV show.

Daily Mail Australia report that Channel Nine has been calling members of the public and asking for their opinions about this year's contestants.

These market research-style phone calls included questions about which MAFS stars fans would like to see have their own reality TV show. 

"The person asked me what I thought about Married At First Sight and who I liked or disliked the most from the current season," a source told the publication.

“Then they asked which contestants or couples should have their own television show.”

The source shared that they felt Sarah Roza was the most "real" was therefore their favourite.

The response then prompted, "Well, what do you think of Davina?"

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And apparently that's all it takes for rumours to start about your own show.


It's not too far fetched TBH as Davina has made an appearance on not one.

Not two.

But THREE reality TV shows.

Yup. The 26-year-old has been on Big Brother Australia, First Dates and, most notably, Married At First Sight.

She's also reportedly set to return to MAFS to "settle the score" (but it was NW reporting this so...)

“Not one person at that dinner table would be expecting to see Davina again - especially after she burnt her relationship with Ryan (Gallagher) to the ground,” an 'insider' has told the magazine.

“She never really got to say her piece. During that commitment ceremony, she felt so overwhelmed and betrayed that she could barely string two real thoughts together.”

“After some time away, she'd been able to process her feelings and now has a score to settle!”

It's crazy how all these 'insiders' are so sophisticated and succinct in their communication and seem to speak in the exact same way...

Image: MAFS / Channel 9


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"You have to be aware of the message you're sending..."

* Eye roll * 

Someone grab the popcorn...