Bachelor reality index: episode 12

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Oh, Elora...

Geez, we can’t keep up with all the leaks coming out of The Bachelor at the moment!

Fresh off being eliminated last night, Lisa Carlton seems to have given away who makes Matty J’s top four.

Speaking to Now To Love, Lisa revealed Matty gets his happy ending.

“Yeah, he’s in love! I was really close with a lot of the girls who are still in the house. He’s in love and I’m really happy for him and for her! They’re both really great people.”

“I kind of know (who wins). So I can’t really say. But I’ll give you four names. I would say Flo, Tara, Elise and Laura. They honestly would have been my top four picks on the third week in.”



Realer than our secondhand embarrassment for Elora

What exactly was Flo making during the potter date. It probably made Matty feel a bit... inadequate. Plus 1.BACHELOR MATTY J

“When I’m with Tara, she just becomes the most important thing to me. From that moment, Tara is the only girl in the world.” DAMMIT BACHELOR YOU’RE MAKING US HAVE HUMAN EMOTIONS. Plus 3.

Matty getting sucker punched gives us life. Plus 1.

Elora trying to kiss Matty J at the cocktail party was the moment awkward moment since the Love Coach’s intro. We love it. Plus 2.

Cobie is still gifting us with PRIMO crazy face. Plus 1.

Faker than Lisa being upset over getting sent home

Erm, that couch looks precariously close to falling off the cliff. Is it bad we kind of wish it did…? Minus 2.

A date involving exercise is our idea of hell. Minus 3.

“You can, you can, you can”. Elora, mate. If you have to try that hard to get a kiss, it ain’t gonna happen. Minus 1.



Written By Cassie Crofts

"You have to be aware of the message you're sending..."

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Married At First Sight

Jesus take the wheel.