Apollo has one VERY strict rule for Bachelor in Paradise

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Makes sense?

We all figured Apollo was a shoe-in for the next Bachelor.

But the hunky magician has instead signed up for Bachelor in Paradise, a move that has us thanking the TV gods for their bounty.

Being a hot 24-year-old beloved all around Australia, we figured Apollo would spend his time on the show making a move on basically every girl.

But he’s put that idea to rest, telling NW, “NO! No! I’m a gentleman.”

Bachelor in Paradise is known for its catfights and screaming matches, but Apollo says he won’t be part of it.

“I’ll be there to give advice and whatever, but I’m not going to get involved. I’m so not in to drama.”

Huh. So no drama and no making out with everyone. What WILL he get up to on the show?

“I won’t be trying to kiss them all. I’ll be polite and be a gentleman and just get to know them.”

Awwww such a sweetie. 


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Written By Cassie Crofts