Has MAFS' golden couple Jules and Cam already broken up?

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Is love dead? 

If you just finished tonight's episode, Cameron Merchant, 34, and Jules Robinson, 36, seem to be deep in luuurve. Like, literally; they JUST dropped the L-bomb. 

On tonight's episode, Jules announced:

"I'm completely in love with Cam. It feels like my perfect person. I couldn't be happier with what's going on in my life right now."

Later, during a confessional, Cam added:

"I go into a relationship genuinely thinking, 'Will this beautiful woman be the mother of my children?'... She's so special now and will be for the rest of my life."

But while Jules joked in a previous episode that their relationship involves three parties; herself, Cam, and cricket - sadly, she may not have been too far off the mark. 

According to a report by NW, the retired cricketer has a bit of explaining to do, alleging that Cam’s been double-timing by double-tapping Instagram model’s pics. 

An ‘insider’ told the publication that the pair broke up last month after Jules caught Cam in the act. 

“Things were going so perfectly and this threw everything off course,” the unnamed insider told NW.

“They’ve struggled to hide the strain since.”

Among the list of Insta-babes Cam was having a sneaky geez at was The Only Way Is Essex star Nicole Bass, model Charly Jordan and a handful of other bikini models.

While tapping away on an instafamous person’s bikini pics is (arguably) a poor reason to break up a beautiful thing, this isn’t the first time Cam’s eye’s have been caught wandering. 

Woman’s Day alleged that there’s a divide between Jules and fellow MAFS star, 27-year-old model Jessika Power. 

Jess made the shock declaration to Woman's Day that Cam is more attracted to someone like her, saying:

“I heard Cam's description of the bride he wanted was blonde, sporty and good-looking.

"Maybe that played on Jules' mind when I was there."

Jess - who’s wed to QLD farmer Mick - has also been spotted leaving flirty comments on Cam’s own account, writing "looking handsome Cam" along with a bunch of heart emojis. 


Written By Brynn Davies