Casanovas on the Streets, Workplace Visits- Rudimental 29.05.19

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Today the Casanovas spent the day cruising around Adelaide giving away Rudimental tickets to listeners who commented on our Instagram! We had loads of fun!!

Check out the pics from today!!

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Today the Casanovas were on a mission to give out some yummy free toasties at Auto Masters Port Adelaide! They even popped into some lucky local businesses to give out some great goodies!

The Casanovas were down at Welland Plaza today with some awesome goodies and prizes! Everyone was flipping, spinning and winning all day long! They even had some great vouchers up for grabs!


120 very lucky Nova listeners flocked to Skating At Victoria Square tonight for an ice skating party with Hayley Pearson! There was tonnes of free snacks, drinks and entertainment! From waffle sticks to a figure skating show! What an amazing night!