Billy SLAMS Mike And Admits He’s After Heidi

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“Show her what a man was.”


Forget the spilled tea - absolute truth bombs exploded at the table last night at NOVA’s Married At First Sight dinner party.  

When the confession box unleashed its first round of questions on the stars, it was Billy who copped this doozy from a guest: 

“Billy, you drew the short straw being matched with Suzy, who do you wish you were partnered with?” 

He barely thought about it. 

“Oh who do I wish I was partnered with - Heidi, for sure.” 

And just to add a twist of the knife, he looked over at Mike and said:

“Show her what a man was.”

As the table began to react, Fitzy asked Billy if there was ever any opportunities to flirt with Heidi when he was on the show - but was interrupted by a pissed-off Mike who hit back at Billy.

“You can have her.” 

Naturally, the dinner party crowd went into meltdown.

“Would you ever make a move if you had an opportunity?” Fitzy asked Billy, trying to regain control over the noise. 

“Look, yeah absolutely, first chance,” Billy smiled. 

“Everyone wanted Heidi except you Mike,” Fitzy joked. 

“Yeah, I didn’t know that,” said Mike.

“But I don’t believe a lot of what Mel says, so that’s probably untrue.” 

“Don’t start Mike!” Jess scolded. 

“Tom, did we actually organise security?” Fitzy asked as the guests began to properly lose their cool. 

“Mike, Mike I was actually just telling you a fact, I wasn’t starting but let’s f**king go,” Mel interrupted. 

You can watch the rest of the explosive argument in the video below: 

Written By Brynn Davies

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