Your finger length can tell a lot about your personality

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Who knew that the length of your fingers can reveal something about your personality?

We're not sure about you, but this is pretty accurate for us. Check out the image below, and then check out your fingers to compare the length of the index finger and ring finger. Does your hand match the characteristics for A, B or C?

what your hand says about your personality


They say that people who have a longer ring finger than index finger are very beautiful in appearance. They radiate with charm that others find irresistible. In addition, they are more aggressive and decisive and it is no problem for them to take a risk. The profession they usually have is: soldier, engineer, chess player, and they are also successful in solving crosswords. Scientists have discovered that people with longer ring fingers earn more than people with shorter ring fingers.


People with shorter ring fingers than the index fingers have a great deal of self-confidence - they are full of themselves and arrogant. They enjoy solitude and do not like to be disturbed in their free time. They are not the type of person who will take the first step when it comes to relationships, but they always accept and appreciate the attention they receive.


People who have the same length ring and index finger are peace loving, and feel uncomfortable when they find themselves in a conflict. They are well organized and try to get along with everybody. They are characterized by the fact that they tend to be faithful in a relationship, full of tenderness and caring toward their partners.


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