You can now get Crayolas for your face

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Clinique Crayola

Paint yourself in nostalgia

Remember when you were a kid, and a box of new Crayolas was about the most exciting thing in the world?

Remember the days before you had very good automation skills, and the colour ended up as much on the walls, on the carpet, and in your digestive system as it did on the colouring-in book in front of you?

Remember that chalky feeling that lasted inside your mouth for hours?

Ah, those were the good old days.

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Now, the days of shoving Crayolas in your face are making a triumphant return. Except now that you're a grown-ass person, you'll be using them to delicately shade your lips rather than shove it gracelessly down your gob.

Simpsons Crayon

Clinique has just announced a new collaboration with the ye olde stationary company. Together, they'll be releasing a limited-edition collection of 10 Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Balms, and it's a match made in nostalgia heaven.

According to Janet Pardo, senior vice president for product development at Clinique, the two brands were made for each other.

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"The whole idea behind Chubby Sticks is to play...

"To us, the point is that when you look at one, it makes you smile. So, the obvious connection to that happy feeling is with a box of crayons. It brings you back to a carefree time in life - when you didn't have stress, because you were a child. You could create whatever you wanted, you had endless amounts of time, and you could just play."

The collection has already dropped in the U.S., for $17USD per Chubby Stick. They don't seem to be available in Australia just yet, but we're hoping they drop soon.

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