Not brushing your teeth can actually kill you. Here's how.

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Bad breath and loosing teeth aren’t the only things we need to worry about!

Let’s be honest, sometimes we can get a bit lazy in the ‘brushing our teeth’ department. 

So to show just how important it really is to keep those pearly whites clean, dentist Dr Christoffer Van Tulleken went without brushing his teeth for 2 weeks as part of a two-part, soon to be released dental health series on BBC… and the results were eye opening. 


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The obvious side effects started early on, with mild gum bleed, bad breath and if continued- teeth would inevitably fall out. 

That’s not new news, right?

Well, Tests conducted at the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry, showed that by not brushing his teeth for just two weeks Dr Van Tulleken had damaged his immune system.

During such a short time, his important white blood cells had become less effective and caused inflammation to the body. Inflammation is a healthy response used by the body, however when it is needing to be used in the long term, (like from prolonged gun disease) it can push the body to it’s limits and set off a chain reaction of problems. 


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Here’s where we started to get scared:

1. Organs become damaged.

2. The circulatory system begins to struggle

3. Increase risk of Heart disease 

4. increase risk of Type 2 Diabetes 

5. Increase risk of Alzheimers Disease

6. Increase risk of Stroke

7. increase risk of Cancer

Which inevitably all work to shorten one’s life. 

So after reading this, we won’t EVER forget to brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time!

Written By Alice Joyce