Make a last minute Christmas tree by stacking books

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Xmas Book Tree

Feeling a bit Grinch-y because you didn't make it to the store for a Christmas tree? Fear not - here's how to make one from your beloved book collection!

Dusting off your favourite books to make a tree not only saves you from stuffing a giant tree into your car/buying a gaudy plastic thing destined to become landfill - it’s totally FREE!

Then, come January, you can just put all the books back - and decide which ones to revisit on your hammock during summer.

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You can build a giant book tree by building a wide circle and piling up into a narrow tip…

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Stack ‘em right up into a righteous Christmassy tower…

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Or a smaller one made of solid books works too. Check out this cute green one:

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See? It’s not too late to get festive!

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