There's a right way to picnic and it's THIS

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Everything you need for a picture-perfect girls BBQ

With temperatures soaring, it's a pretty good time to grab the girls and get down to the park for a picnic on your next day off. In addition to getting the chance to spend quality time with your friends, it's a good opportunity to show off your hosting skills. 

We've made a handy checklist to get you started. 

1. Flower headpieces are always a win


Invest in a gorgeous flower headpieces; your get-together needs to be 'grammable, right? You can buy them online, or make your own with materials sourced from a fabric store. 

2. Set the scene 

Picnic blankets and a brolly are a must. You can buy a colourful one specially for the occasion, or even use a round towel. 

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3. Get there early


Because the location will likely be in a public area, it's important to get there early to secure your spot. Our favourites are the grassy areas next to the beach. 

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4. Provide the drinks (and an esky with ice)

Low-sugar drinks are always a picnic win. We're fans of Joiy Prosecco style sparkling wine as it fits the 'grammable brief to a tee and doesn't require additional glassware or plastic cups. Cut up a lemon wedge and pop a colourful straw in the bottle and you're set. 

5. Consider the food


It will be hot so go with food that won't melt or perish when left out long in the sun. Corn on the cob with a smidge of butter or anything that can go on a skewer. 

Happy picnicking!

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Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar