Five hidden rock pools in Australia to cool off in this summer

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These are five of Australia's best rock pools

Our beautiful country has no shortage of man-made and natural rock pools dotting its coastlines. And with New Years and New Years' bucket lists coming up, we thought now was the perfect time to share the five we think should be added to your 2017 itinerary. 

1. Figure Eight Pools, NSW


Royal National Park is only an hour’s drive from Sydney, but feels world’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The park boasts heaps of waterfalls, the now-closed Wedding Cake Rock, and the first rock pool on our list – Figure Eight Pools.

It's a challenging walk to get to with slippery rocks and steep areas, but 100% worth it for the reward at the end – a cluster of natural rockpools, some in the perfect figure eight. We recommend you check the tides below you head off – high tide makes the area extremely dangerous.

2. The Natural Spa, WA


Dubbed 'The Natural Spa', this rock pool in Injidup will tick all your bliss boxes. Only a couple hours south of Perth, this natural rock pool receives ocean waves through a narrow ‘rock alley’ causing the water to foam as it enters the pool giving the illusion of being in a jacuzzi. Sitting with your back against the alley when the water comes in through the narrow way even feels a bit like sitting against a spa jet. 

3. Killarney Glen, QLD

There’s plenty of natural beauty in Queensland’s Gold Coast hinterland, but Killarney Glen’s heart-shaped pool has to be our best find yet. And while we may have just discovered the gem, it’s actually quite well-known in the area and can often be found crowded with people. But what's a bit of crowd-battling when you can eventually get to do this? 


The closest car is on the eastern side of the Beechmont-Canungra Road and it's a 2.5km walk from there. There are plenty of other swimming areas but - as to be expected - the love-shaped pool is the busiest part of the park. Oftentimes the swimming hole can be closed as the Australian Defence Department who owns it can be found using the property for army training.

4. Bronte Rock Pool, NSW

If you live in the Eastern Suburbs, you’ve most definitely heard of Bronte Rock Pools. It’s the lesser, but no less beautiful sister to Bondi Icebergs Pool, only two beaches away.


There are two pools – one man-made, the other natural. Both are equally stunning with clear water surrounded by the ocean’s darker blue. You'll often find professional photographers taking advantage of the spectular views at sunrise and sunset times.

5. Gunlom Infinity Pools, NT


Located inside Kakadu National Park, Gunlom Infinity Pools is probably the hardest of these rock pools to access. During the wet season, chances are you'll find roads to the pool closed. The road used to be only accessible via four-wheel drive, but they've now recently upgraded to two-wheel. We recommend booking a day tour to the Pools as they can be tricky to find. 

Written By Sangeeta Kocharekar
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