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Miley poses as most inappropriate xmas elf ever

This Christmas, Miley Cyrus has decided to dress up as an elf...but of course she put her own spin on it.


Teacher cat drawing prank

Teacher comes into class to find a cat drawn on the whiteboard. 

Kylie Jenner with Tyga and kids toys at LA hospital
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Hopefully all that time with her nieces and nephews has paid off, because she's about to have a kid around.

Guy gives homeless man $100 to see how he spends it

Youtuber Josh Paler gives a homeless guy $100 then follows him to find out how he spends it. 

Shiloh Pitt now wants to be called John - seen here in a boys suit
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Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has a new name...

What better way to celebrate New Year’s Eve than with family and friends at Glo Glenelg!

Jesse Will cover Taylor Swift 'Shake It Off'

Taylor Swift officially approves of Kiwi artist Jesse Will's 'Shake It Off' cover - she said so in a tweet!

Muslim bride places flowers in Martin Place, Sydney

A Muslim bride has visited Martin Place to leave flowers on her wedding day.

Dog is so excited to see it's owner it dances and jumps up and down

This pup is so excited to see its owner coming it dances from foot to foot and jumps up and down.  

Kourtney Kardashian reveals baby photo and name

For a whole week we've been dying to know the name of the newest Kardashian. Finally, Kourtney has revealed it!

Guy becomes a kid again unwrapping PS4 Christmas present

This guy reverts back to his 12-year-old self while unwrapping the PS4 his girlfriend bought him for Christmas. 

Elton John gets married to David Furnish

Elton John married David Furnish, and all the A-listers were there!