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fat dad loses weight

This 34-year-old dad was morbidly obese… After a horror family photo he decided to lose weight. A LOT of weight.

Guy scares mum with fake dog over and over again

This guy scared his poor mother over and over again with a fake dog. 

Tom Cruise tapped Nicole Kidman's phone

The twisted world of Tom Cruise just became a little more public, after a shock revelation from an official from the Church of Scientology

Anti-gay cake controversy

This baker is facing a discrimination suit after refusing to bake this cake for a customer. Is this fair?

Naomi Watts stacks it

It's one of those moments you're always waiting for… And it happened to poor old Naomi Watts!

Fitzy and Wippa chat to Rose Byrne

When Rose Byrne asked where Fitzy and Wippa came from we don't think she was expecting Wippa's life story... too funny! 

Watch below. 

Kate Middleton photoshop

Women's Day has really done a number on Kate Middleton in her latest cover snap…And people are NOT happy…

Belle Beauty and the Beast

Studios have confirmed a live-action take on Beauty and the Beast… And Belle has already been cast. **Excited**

Wippa's gift for Heidi Klum

What do you buy an international supermodel who has everything? A Kangaroo ball sac bottle opener obviously... 

Casanovas at Henley Square, Nivea, Casanovas, Henley Square

Casanovas Ed and Ryan set out to Henley Square to promote Nivea's new sunscreen. It's SPF 50+ and sprays on so easily! We also gave away beach balls to listeners!


Back To School with Officeworks ''Dream Machine'' at Officeworks Marion!

On The Run, Casanovas, Nova 919, Family Day

NovaBoy and Casanovas Ed, George, Adam and Chris went to the Nuriootpa OTR for a family day. We had heaps of games, face painting and plenty of giveaways to hand out to the kids!