David's Guetta Racy “Dangerous” music video premiere

David Guetta is back better than ever with one of the most amazing tracks in his whole discography. The new single is called “Dangerous“.

David Guetta races to win the Formula 1 championship in the music video for “Dangerous”. The Sam Martin-assisted epic song is the lead single from the French DJ’s upcoming sixth studio album “Listen”. The dark EDM number is undoubtedly one of Guetta’s finest tracks and so it’s proven by the great reception it’s had since being released on iTunes a few weeks ago.

Directed by Jonas Akerlund, the music video - filmed at the official Formula 1 circuit in Jerez, Spain - shows Guetta getting challenged by his worst enemy to go on one last race that will decide for once and for all who should be crowned best pilot in F1 history. Who will win? You have to watch the video till the ending to find out! The video is very high-energy and looks very high-budget. The “intense” atmosphere it has really suits the “menacing” sound of “Dangerous”.

David Guetta epic “Dangerous” music video premiere



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