Here are Australia’s highest and lowest paying jobs

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If you’re looking to earn the big bucks, you best be getting into the mining industry or architecture 

SEEK has released a new study on the average earnings for a range of different industries and roles within 2016, has reported. 

Unsurprisingly, the top-paying industries are largely male-dominated, with mining taking out the top spot on the list. This was closely followed by consulting and then construction.

The first female-dominated industry on the list sits at number eight: Healthcare and Medical, which has an average salary of $88,393 per annum.

Take a peek at the full list below:

Mining, Resources and Energy: $115,005

Consulting and Strategy: $108,471

Construction: $106,693

Engineering: $103,247

Information and Communication: $102,548

Legal: $92,684

Government and Defence: $90,700

Healthcare and Medical: $88,393

Banking and Financial Services: $88,005

Marketing and Communications: $86,452

Science and Technology: $85,193

Human Resources and Recruitment: $83,784

Accounting: $83,227

Insurance and Superannuation: $81,446

Drilling down a little further, the highest paying jobs were listed as: 


Architects within the IT sector: $137,707

Engineering Management: $133,530

Mining Management: $133,169

IT Management: $129,903

General Practitioners (Doctors): $129,635

And the lowest paid jobs in Australia (for 2016) were:

Administration Data Entry and WordProcessing: $48,793

Retail Assistants: $48,201

Manufacturing Assembly & ProcessWork: $48,196

Receptionists: $46,926

Manufacturing Pickers & Packers: $44,104

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Written By Steph Nuzzo

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