Giant, King Kong-like chickens exist and I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

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So, in some twisted turn of events, the Internet has discovered that colossal chickens are a thing and naturally, everyone is losing their God damn minds. 

A video of the beast was uploaded on Monday evening and since, has been viewed some 98 million times. Apparently, the “chicken” (read: work of Satan) is appropriately named The Big Boss (y’know like from your Crash Bandicoot days) and is a real-life breed of demon chicken called a Brahma. The video is said to have been filmed in Kosovo, in Southeastern Europe on a farm that I can only assume has been built on soil that’s packed with radioactive waste. 

Check out the video here (we suggest you take a shot and a seat first):



Apparently, these chickens are known to grow to about 60cm or 2 feet tall and can weigh close to 10 kilos. I don’t know ‘bout you – but this dude looks like he’s 6ft tall and a solid 90kg to me... When the video was first released, people legitimately questioned whether it was a grown ass man wearing a chicken suit. 

Anyway. No doubt you're freaking out right about now, so here are a few of our favourite reactions to the news that this monstrosity of an animal exists: 

While I have you here, does anyone remember this "big" chicken incident?

...Seems like child's play now, no? 

Images: The Press of World/Facebook, Giphy

Written By Steph Nuzzo

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