These are the six physical features men find most attractive in women

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Science has done the hard work for us and has figured out the six things that men find most attractive in women.

According to Business Insiderwhenever a man checks out a woman, he's completeing a 'reproductive fitness assessment' – i.e. they're trying to figure out how healthy and fertile women are and if they would be a good mother to their babies.

The more reproductively suitable a man thinks a woman is the more attractive they seem. According to the data, these are the six features:

1. High pitched voice

High voice

Apparently a high pitched voice is associated with youthfulness and having a small, feminine body, and guys find that really attractive.

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2. Wearing red

Red dress

We've heard this a million times before, but it's actually true! Next time you're out on the town, don a red dress or a swipe of red lipstick as it'll increase a man's attraction to you.

3. Wider hips to waist ratio

Hips to waist ratio

Apparently, the 7:10 ratio is the optimal proportion as wider hips are associated with childbearing and dainty waists emphasise the curve. This isn't something that's super easy to fix, but hey maybe it's why those waist trainers are so popular?

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4. Wearing less makeup

Amy Schumer no makeup

While we may care about our winged eyeliner and highlighter, guys totally don't and would actually prefer if you wore less of it.

5. Healthy hair

Long Hair

The longer, shinier and fuller the better – off to the hairdresser we go, blow dries all round!

6. Smiling


Basically, guys aren't attracted to negative people, so show off those pearly whites to get his attention.

Or ignore the science – the right guy will find you even if you have a low voice, hate the colour red, have a straight up-and-down shape, love makeup, have a bob and don't want to smile!

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