Here's the secret to getting an upgrade on a flight

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Upgrade on a flight

Have you ever dreamed of getting an upgrade on a plane? Well it turns out if you do this one common thing, the chances are airline staff won’t pick you. 


You’re less likely to be upgraded from your economy seats if you’ve already chosen your seat on the flight. 

According to Cosmopolitan when you choose a seat online “you’re sorted in the airline’s eyes” and they won’t consider you for an upgrade. 

If you leave your seating options open, you are more likely to be offered a better place on the plane if the flight isn’t fully booked. 

Upgrade on a flight

Of course it’s not guaranteed that you will get an upgrade but if you're happy to risk getting seated in the middle of two other passengers then just go for it. 

Upgrade on a flight

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Here are some other tips to score yourself an upgrade on a flight: 

Be loyal to an airline:

An airline knows exactly how loyal you are to them and they reward their frequent fliers. So where possible always try and fly on the same airline. 

Travel alone: 

If there are just one or two seats available in business they will probably be offered to single travellers first. 

Just ask: 

It doesn’t hurt just to ask at the check-in desk. You never know your luck. 

Have a reason: 

If you’ve got a more genuine reason such as being exceptionally tall, your pregnant, or even celebrating a honeymoon, birthday or anniversary it will work in your favour. 

A Lufthansa spokesman said:

“It never hurts to ask and offering a reason would certainly improve your chances.” 

Would you try out some of these methods next time you fly? 

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Written By Gemma Prendergast

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